Nicole Bengiveno


An ongoing photo series of time & motion, to be continued, inspired by physics and the city, originating with the NYT column: LENS Searching for the Essence of Atmosphere.

Prints are available.

Photos © Nicole Bengiveno/New York Times

Into the vortex, rush-hour traffic becomes physics in motion near Grand Central Terminal.
In memory of the color green, preserved in transition on a trek through New York's Central Park.
A water ferry from Manhattan to New Jersey
Manhattan's full moon rise brightened the sky, the collective inner glow of the buildings inspired thoughts of lunar myths. A view from the Brooklyn Bridge looking north.
A subway train in motion along the platform at Smith and Ninth St Station in Brooklyn becomes vapor-like in the timescape exposure.
Just because we can't see it, that doesn't mean it's not there. A time exposure at twilight proves that the Magic Hour does exist.
A winter jogger runs through a long exposure taken along the West Side Highway in NYC
A subway train pulls through New York's Harlem 125th Street station overpass.
A NYC East Village wall provides the backdrop: Witness shadow land, where the census depends on the time of day.
Like a sundial keeping time, spots of lights made their way across the wall along Grace Plaza in Midtown Manhattan; its building's glass facade revealed the source. To see or not to see, that is the reflection.
A full moon rise timescape exposure, from the Brooklyn Bridge looking north, searching for the essence of atmosphere