Nicole Bengiveno

archive: national geographic

Prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union, Nicole worked in Soviet Central Asia & Kazakhstan for the National Geographic Book Division. Several years later, for National Geographic, she photographed Albania during its transition from rigid communist rule to a new democracy.

Stock images are currently being scanned from film to digital and are available through Redux Pictures.

Photographs © Nicole Bengiveno

Samarkand, Uzbekistan. Artist Misha Vahrutdinov at work in Registan Square
A makeshift mask in Korce, Albania
The Hoxja Museum, named after the former Communist leader in Tirana, Albania, provides a place for childhood adventure
Trains that were running needed repair, missing windows in many cars. This train to Durres from Tirane maes a stop to let riders off
There were food shortages and long lines for the basics including this bread line in Tirane, the capitol of Albania.
A woman sits on the sidewalk saving her place in line, waiting for a milk delivery. It is pre-dawn in Tirane, the capitol of Albania. Food has become scarce due to the collapsing government and the breakdown of system.
The Albanian communist government was collapsing and the system was breaking down. Parts to repair were scarce and any  public transportation was overtaxed in the capitol city of Tirane.
Military base in Shkoder, Albania. A self defense workout, a part of the requirement of a two-year service.
Military base in Shkoder, Albania.Soldiers line-up before beginning a drill in self defense, a part of the requirement of a two-year service.
The visa office in Tirana, Albania. Crowds seaking to get permission to travel.
Palace of Congress in Tirana, Albania where Ramiz Alia, the hand picked successor to Stalinist dictator Enver Hoxha, listens to the Communist Labor Party's 10th Congress as the government is collapsing and democracy is sweeping the country.
With the collapsing Communist government, work had come to a standstill in a machine parts factory in Tirane, Albania
A horse driven cart was loaded down with hay as it pulled to a stop for people riding bicycles crossing the road in Tirane, the capitol of Albania.
A woman sweeps the floor of a bread factory in Tirane, the capitol of Albania.
Red October collective farm sports complex near Frunze, Kirghizia.
A boy herds a group of camels on his family's farm in Turkmenistan.
A sheepherder in Kazakhstan pulls on his horse as it tries to eat the grass